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Back in the game!

March 28th, 2015 + 7:03 AM  ·  Kasa

So I am back after a very looooooooong low phase. Hope to make some good music! 

Back in the grove..

September 29th, 2011 + 7:09 AM  ·  Kasa

I was just "busy" (as you would call it) with other stuff. Have been away from music and Bandamp. I really did miss the Bandamp crowd. Just my first log in after about 7-8 months! Hope to meet new guys soon. Will try to be as updated as i can. Its time for the MUSIC! 

Fed up!!

August 21st, 2008 + 11:08 AM  ·  Kasa

hi guys..

i have a problem.. i have searched each and every possibility of buying a good acoustic guitar.. and till now have had no luck at all.. the problem is that the manufacturers like.. Gibson.. fender.. ibanez.. don't have there direct retail outlet or dealer in India.. so all i get are the fake ones.. givson.. hobner.. etc..

i want a good acoustic guitar.. have a budget of rs 10000 or 229 USD.. so how to get a good quality acoustic guitar.. original of course.. in India..

i would like to know is there any possibility?? can anyone help out?? maybe anyone of you guys might purchase it for me and send it to my address?? is it possible.. i can make the payment on Indian rs..

also i would like to know which would be the best buy within my budget.. i am looking for great acoustic sound..

please guys.. it would a great help!!

do reply..!!

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July 29th, 2008 + 10:07 AM  ·  Kasa

hey guys..
i have been playing acoustic guitar for the past year.. and now am switching to electric.. please suggest a cheap guitar.. whatever manufacturer.. i just want the best within my limits.. and ofcourse what other add ons i would need to get the electric sound.. like metal and distorted ones.. thanks a lot..

i have a budget of around 300$..



April 8th, 2008 + 6:04 AM  ·  Kasa

The music is like the one of my other song.. but i took to the next level.. trying my level best to make a great sound track.. used various instruments.. and hope the composition and the arrangement is like by all! Do criticize..


Kill You

April 8th, 2008 + 6:04 AM  ·  Kasa

Is  there a chance
for me and you
I don’t know how
(but) I wanna feel you
I know your gone
its sad But true!
Life is cruel but
 (damn) I want you

And now….. I don’t know
That how…..my life is slow
Its going wild…. Is this a clue
And all I want …. Is to kill you

Though you are gone
 the phase is on
It does stick deep
 the slope is steep
And on I fall
 is that a call??
So this is clue
 I don’t need you?

Ground Zero

December 23rd, 2006 + 2:12 AM  ·  Kasa

This is an sound which was in my mind for around an year and a half...
Finally got it made...
and well this are really looking good..
enjoy it..
and be free to criticize....
and do vote....
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